Cosign Presents- Michael Washington
January 9, 2009, 9:05 am
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Enter South Side.  Cosign Presents Chicago’s one and only “Poet of the Ghetto”, Michael Washington.  This elusive lyricist appears every so often in coffee shops or book stores to splatter the dark realities of life in the hood onto every open and willing mind.  Watch as Washington hits with a double edged sword of raw and classic storytelling sprinkled with ironic metaphors and baneful imagery.  If you find yourself in the South Side on a dark and snowy night, keep your ears open and you just might find the voice of poetic punch who has seen it all, and lived it all.

“The Trial”

“The Meeting”


film and words by Justin Staple.

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Cosign Presents- Lost In The Trees
November 18, 2008, 7:52 pm
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Well its been a long time.  But now were back!  Enjoy some new features coming up in the next couple weeks along with more regular updates (promise).  To start us back off we’ve got:

Cosign Presents Lost In The Trees.  Hailing from Carborro, North Carolina, Ari Picker and his 12-piece orchestra have been touring the States in support of their new folk/classical fusion of lush strings and heartfelt acoustic picking “All Alone In An Empty House” off hometown favorites Trekky Records.  Pick up the new album (which comes in a multimedia collection of a vinyl record, compact disc and digital download) at one of their energetic yet personal shows.

“All Alone in an Empty House”

“Wooden Walls of This Forest Church”

“For Leah and Chloe”

film and words by Justin Staple.

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Cosign Presents- Netherfriends
June 22, 2008, 10:05 pm
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Cosign Presents Chicago’s own crooner killer catchy Netherfriends. Still young, the band has dropped a self released EP whose every track is a jewel of spatial melodies and synthpop exuberance. Watch as two thirds of the band wander Chicago’s Wicker Park and prove why they are they are a band to love.

Check for “Feathers and Dots”, their 7″ dropping with Black and Greene Records soon and their many summer tour dates on their myspace.

“Cory Kennedy Sings the Blues”

“Tac Tac”



film and words by Justin Staple

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Cosign Presents- The Names That Spell

Cosign Presents Chicago indie/noise band The Names That Spell. Spanning genres from jazz to afropop, the Names That Spell hold a captive audience through rhythmic fairy tails of love and life. Check out the Names that Spell playing in Chicago’s Smart Museum and then moving to a basement for a private session.

Check for a CD dropping from them soon or browse around their vertiginous treasure hunt of a website here for some samples.


“Live @ The Smart Museum in Chicago”

film and words by justin staple

Cosign Presents- Eric Mayer
May 13, 2008, 11:06 am
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Welcome to Cosign Presents– a new performance video series featuring some talented and independent musicians.

First up is Chicago’s own Eric Mayer. Eric’s folk ukulele shines with honesty and heartbreak but his kind energy still makes the kiddos smile. Watch us roam downtown Chicago for Cosign’s very first video presentation.

Film and Words by Justin Staple

“Empty Pocket”


“Blue and Grey” off Excuses with a Stuffy Nose

Be sure to catch Eric around Chicago and pick up any of his releases off his myspace.