“I’m Not There”
December 1, 2007, 8:29 pm
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I'm Not There
I went to see the Dylan tribute “I’m Not There” two nights ago at the AMC River East Theatre. Despite its dismal box office sales in its first weekend release in the U.S., I rather enjoyed it. The allusions to the real Dylan are a little confusing for anyone who has sub-par knowledge of Dylan’s life, but it is stylistically pretty impressive. Writer/Director Todd Haynes (also gave us Velvet Goldmine) shows us a cleverly disjointed view of the different stages of Dylan’s career with corresponding actors/actresses, Cate Blanchett standing strongly as the most stunning portrayal. I won’t be afraid to admit that I was a little bewildered by the Richard Gere/Billy the Kid sequence, but more nuianced critics than myself can determine that. Overall, I’m into it. I liked the Rolling Stones review… so here you go.