Cosign Presents- Michael Washington
January 9, 2009, 9:05 am
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Enter South Side.  Cosign Presents Chicago’s one and only “Poet of the Ghetto”, Michael Washington.  This elusive lyricist appears every so often in coffee shops or book stores to splatter the dark realities of life in the hood onto every open and willing mind.  Watch as Washington hits with a double edged sword of raw and classic storytelling sprinkled with ironic metaphors and baneful imagery.  If you find yourself in the South Side on a dark and snowy night, keep your ears open and you just might find the voice of poetic punch who has seen it all, and lived it all.

“The Trial”

“The Meeting”


film and words by Justin Staple.

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i love you

Comment by cheyenne

thanks justin i have my one man show and a bunch of new stuff do you have anything on the back burner that i may be able tro contribuite or can i come in as a volunteer i asppreciate you michael the p of the g

Comment by h.michael washington

mr washington a expert poet more more keep coming with it brother michael

Comment by henry robinson

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