Designer of the Week- Parra
May 14, 2008, 10:24 am
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This weeks designer is Dutch illustr-ordienare Parra. With a minimalist style reminiscent of old comics and French pop art, Parra brings back the beauty of graphic art with a marketable canny. He started out as a skater who knew he could draw but was sick of the art school brainwash. Now, he’s chillin’ out in Amsterdam illustrating for various musicians and companies while designing for and managing his own clothing brand Rockwell Clothing.

When he’s not busy doing that he sells out galleries stateside in New York and LA and sells his personal pieces for some bank. Also, he’s in a band called Le Le.

In all, Parra has found a commercial niche that has hoisted him out of obscurity and into the illustrator mainstream where one can do more than get by– they can get famous. All while still doing the colorful characters that he loves.

Lately he’s been dipping into animation, producing a genius music videos for Le Le for a track called ‘Breakfast’. Peep it here.

Heres the advice:

Grab the colorful dunks and the cotton sweater, head over to Amsterdam and look at various flyers or ads, chances are you’re peepin’ Parra. And no, he did not do the Kanye video.

For further studies:

||words by Justin Staple||


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