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April 28, 2008, 1:04 pm
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Even after their quick Daytrotter set, Equal Vision signed band The Snake, The Cross and the Crown has been on the road for a little while now with little to no attention (other than the fleeting kind).

Fortunately, we have the poets over at Equal Vision Records (… they are Californians after all):

“They listened and played and sometimes didn’t play (because sometimes music is no fun if you have to do it). They didn’t clean their dishes after they were done with them. They often forgot to take the trash to the street. They would get mad at one another for the reasons roommates get mad at one another; they would get mad at one another for the reasons bandmates get mad at one another. They had never been more of a family.

They finally went into the studio in April 2006 and created the last album they would make before moving away from California. When they were done, they decided to call it Cotton Teeth: ten songs reflecting the family/frustration/hope/worry/love that they all shared in their time under one roof, with two cars and one good shower. They played to be honest. They played to be heard. But most of all, they played songs to be with each other, because the world simply sounded better that way.”

That being said, check the following for the band in one of it’s quieter, more mellow incarnations:

Good Kinging, as always,


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Great band! The Snake The Cross The Crown are one of my favorites.

I actually work for Equal Vision Records (we’re based in Albany, NY) so of course I’m biased. But for anyone who hasn’t checked them out, visit and stream some songs.

Thanks for the post and TSTCTC love!

Comment by Greg Sieme

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