Doomposter Boo’d Off Rock The Bells Stage
March 12, 2008, 5:52 pm
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After the onslaught coming his way the last year you gotta know somethings cookin’ when Doom sends the ‘poster to get boo’d offstage by tired, broke, and angry fans at hip hop’s biggest festival (not the first time). Some say Doom’s straight dead, even more say he’s just counting his money in the crib and not sweating about the withering fan base.

The dudes in the biz back him up:

“Every day for the past month we’ve been hit up by people wanting explanations, statements, clarifications, and declarations about MF DOOM. Is he lip synching? (No. Listen to the videos on Youtube.) Is he an impostor? (No, but he did lose some pounds.) Is he in the hospital? (No, he’s in his studio… or if not there, you can find him in the pub with the grub stain.)

Reached earlier this morning at his home in Georgia, an alive and well MF DOOM issued this statement: ‘What up? I’m dead.’ ”

-Stones Throw circa October 2007

And the other dudes in the game do not.

“Whatever the case may be, I implore you and anyone involved in this to stop screwing your fans and your peers and get your ducks in a row. Don’t make me throw on some blue stretch leotards and put out a solo record.”

-Kno of CunninLynguists Circa August 2008

Despite it, the fans aren’t having anything but 100% from the Villain anymore. I’m a hopeful skeptic- Doomposter dropping soon for sure and everyone will be happy. Anyone got info? Hook it up.

Rock the Bells in San Bernardino August 9th:


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Wow. We were mad he wasn’t at the Maryland show, but uh, after that, not so mad.

Comment by Neil

where the new cosign post. get at me

Comment by Anonymous

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