Mr. Lonely Gets Release and Soundtrack
March 4, 2008, 10:04 am
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Thank God. Finally Harmony Korine’s new movie Mr. Lonely has a substantial limited release date of April 30th (or is it May 2nd?). What else is that the soundtrack featuring Spaceman and the Sun City Girls, now has a tracklist and release details on Drag City.

Drag City writes:

Gummo fans, wake up! The whores have all gone and the house is on fire! And meanwhile, it’s been years since your hero, Harmony Korine, has made a new movie for you to help you live your life. That’s all going to change this spring when Mister Lonely comes out — the first Korine opus since Julien Donkey-Boy way back in 1999. The picture’s something of a change of pace, but as always, there’s eye-candy galore (or is it eye-gore aplenty?) and lots of wild performances by actors both known and unknown. Added to the fun this time is a soundtrack from J. Spaceman and Sun City Girls, who, independently of each other, scored the sounds inside the director’s head for Mister Lonely. It a wonderfully spaced-out score, colorful and tuneful without ever really approaching the standards we call ‘song.’ Prepare yourself for an earburst and get ready to choose formats when the LP and CD versions of Mister Lonely hit in late April.”

here’s the track list:

Mister Lonely OST:

01 “Michael’s Opening” (dialogue)
02 Jason Spaceman: “Blues 1”
03 Jason Spaceman: “Blues 2 (Intro)”
04 Sun City Girls: “3D Girls”
05 Jason Spaceman: “Panama 1”
06 Sun City Girls: “Spook”
07 Jason Spaceman: “Garden Walk”
08 Sun City Girls: “Steppe Spiritual”
09 Jason Spaceman: “Pope in the Bath”
10 “Nun’s Prayer” (dialogue)
11 Sun City Girls: “Mr. Lonely Viola”
12 Sun City Girls: “Beryl Scepter”
13 “Red Riding Hood’s Hangman” (dialogue)
14 Jason Spaceman: “Stooges Harmonica”
15 “Father Umbrillo’s Broken Nation”
16 Jason Spaceman: “Musicbox Underwater”
17 Sun City Girls: “Circus Theme”
18 Sun City Girls: “Vine Street Piano”
19 Jason Spaceman: “Paris Beach”
20 Sun City Girls: “Farewell”

I’m pumped to see Mr. Lonely.  And to celebrate, how about this little jewel of Korine talking about America’s #1 hero.


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Hello this is Angel from the film (A small part) On wikipedia it says I have a name on the soundtrack called “Angel Morgan – Golden dust oh golen dust” and I look on playlists of the sound tracks on the internet and I cant see myself, it says it goes up too number 21 on wikipedia (number 21 is me) and it usually goes up too number 20 on the internet?
Angel Morgan – Bless you all.

Comment by Angel

That may just be a Wikipedia mistake! All other accounts and of the soundtrack only list 20 tracks, although I’d love to hear the song. If you have any info let me know. thanks Angel.

Comment by cosign

Thanks Cosign.

There isn’t actualy a song that I knew that I recorded, thats why I was asking about if anyone knew what it was.
And it’s taken off now but I’m still on the cast list.

See you – Angel x

P.S – I was 7 when I done the movie but I’m 10 now, 11 in July. And also do you know Melita Morgan? She is my mum. x

Comment by Angel

It again says my name on wikipedia, Angel Morgan – Golden dust. I don’t know what its is?
Angel. x

Comment by Angel

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