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February 15, 2008, 3:27 pm
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Pharrell‘s skate team “Team Ice Cream” has started to ride the blog wave. Check out their new lifestyle/skate blog at If it’s anything like the BBC Icecream Blog it should have some interesting updates.

This is the love they got at Sneaker Pimps NYC in 2006.  Real east coast skaters actually hate these cats.


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i luv icecream skate team

Comment by Anonymous

I love…ice cream.

Comment by Skateboard Central

DUDE ice cream is so my style ho the hell do i get on the team man 4 reallll -SKATE.SLEEP.EAT.L0OK FRESH>>>>>>>>>>*………….

Comment by splashskata

i love the way the shoes skate lot of padd nice grip a great shoe

Comment by jackie tucker

how can i get sponserd by them

Comment by martin

i luv ice creams
dey r so freakin hot,but i cant get any(2much $)
if y’all got anuy for girls come hit me up

Comment by myaisha

hello wave as they estan would want to raise a photo where I leave with a dress coat hoists cream q I command to design I have in my hi5 ai I leave the l$p. them if thanks can respondanme luck

Comment by jose

hahaha u put pharell in ur skate krew come on now plz take him out he can skate plz take him out

Comment by kahlil

Super awesome article! Really!

Comment by Marietta Leon



haha pretty funny how NY doesnt like icecream. true thing that pharell is from there … the crowd still joined the songs…so…i think they still like em

Comment by deathwish skateboards

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream

Comment by skateboard buy

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