More On The New Nas Album
February 11, 2008, 10:32 pm
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Controversial?  Political message, social message…sounds like every Nas album to me.  Whats more controversial is the “crew” he’s rolling with. has an interesting take on the new album’s buzz:

“Well, now that the Grammys are over and its time for the celebrity shows to pick apart who should had won what and who wore what or who was seen with who, I think the highlight of Sunday, better yet the highlight of the year so far in hip hop of 2008 was when Queensbridge’s MC Nas wore a black shirt with the word nigger on the chest. Now i’m not the type of guy who stresses the fact of what an artist wears during a red carpet event especially at an award show as boring as the Grammys (unless Kanye West speaks his mind), but I’m stressing it now. Let me see if I can break this down as best as I can. Nas is dropping his studio album titled Nigger and of course when you do something like that it draws attention. For the most part it did, there were rumors of his label not backing the album if he releases it, there were also racist statements coming out the woodwork. I myself wondered what the hell is he thinking? Is this another rapper who reached the end of his prime and is trying to do anything he can to stay afloat with the other name brand MC’s the label pushes on us every quarter? But when I seen this clip on youtube, and him calmly explaining the reason why he his album nigger to a CNN celebrity reporter who later told Nas that hip hop isn’t dead, it started to make a whole lot of sense to me.

He is doing this for attention. But what is he going to use this attention for? To let everyone know that there a nigger? (and by definition, the word nigger does mean ignorant). Is he calling the world and our world leaders a nigger? Is he trying to break new ground with by trying to change the way of what we think a nigger is? I don’t know his real motive. But all I know is I think different about this whole thing. In the beginning I was one of those guys who would had told you that he is doing this to sell records, but after I heard him speak on why he did it, it made more sense to me. All I can say to Nas is please be careful with what you’re doing; some people might not be as quick to understand you like I have now. If you’re going to name your album Nigger, it better have substance to it. We all know Nas will deliver, but will his Nigger album deliver a new message?”


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