Doomposter 2008
January 7, 2008, 12:02 pm
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Apparently there is a meaning to the fake Doom shows.

Posted here:

“…this past weekend C-Rayz Walz, a frequent Doom collaborator and old friend, was here in Chicago and we were discussing Doom and his antics. C-Rayz claims that Doom is an absolute genius and is sending out these fake Doom’s to gear up for the release of his next album “Doompostor”. Apparently, on the next album Doom will discuss this in-depth (but when have you heard Doom discuss anything in-depth?)

Is this factual information? Not sure. But if so, I give Doom plenty of credit for messing with his fanbase like this – the balls on this guy! (Pause, just in case)

We’ll see if Doompostor ever comes to fruition.”

also in an Under Ground Hip Hop interview with John Robinson:

“UGHH: You know about the incident with DOOM lately, because you were there. What can you say about it, what’s going on?

JR: Well number one, there’s a method to the madness, always know that.
Number two, DOOMPOSTER 2008- the album 2008. That would be my comment. Never forget, we’re not dealing with the superhero, we got the super villain. It’ll be hard to swallow. I feel that at the end of the day, the sun will shine and the people will be happy.

I just know there’s a method, its not time to build on it yet. It’s a need to know basis. That’s the motto of Metal Face Records, when the people need to know, they’ll know.”

I guess we’ll see what goes down…


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regardless of speculation, i can’t stress the amount of respect i’ve lost for doom. so whack- so lame . he’s done imho

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