Percee P Interview
December 17, 2007, 1:59 pm
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Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

MIA- Paper Planes Video
December 17, 2007, 1:54 pm
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Paper Planes

Dir: Bernard Gourley

He Plot Shows Like Robberies
December 16, 2007, 12:48 pm
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“in and out 1-2-3
nobody’s pleased”
-MF Doom | “One Beer”

More on the Doom show in Atlanta. The promoter sent this e-mail to all the angry fans who watched what they think was an impostor lip it for 20 minutes after paying $30:

“Many apologies go to all of you who came out to the MF DOOM show last night at MJQ and paid $30 of your hard earned money only to watch him lip sinc for 20 minutes at 1:30 in the morning. This was by far one of the single worst experiences I’ve had as a club promoter and I sincerely apologize if you walked away feeling cheated. To make matters even worse MF DOOMS appointed doorman took off with all the money from the door after the show! As soon as we realized the money was stolen we decided to help ourselves to all of MF DOOMS merchandise which included a bunch of T shirts and posters. So, in an effort to make it up to everyone who walked away feeling cheated, we’re giving away all the merchandise for free so come and get it while supplies last!! And if that’s not enough, feel free to let MF DOOM aka Daniel Dumile know how you really feel by calling him at his home in Kennesaw Georgia.

KENNESAW GA 30144-2147
(678) 445-0992

All the best,

Randy Castello / Tight Bros Network

Thats pretty wild that the promoter would give out Doom’s real address and number (if that really is the case).  Now all the whack fans he was trying to avoid will come at him harder, stalker style:

Trekky Christmas
December 15, 2007, 4:29 pm
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Be sure to peep the 2nd annual Trekky Christmas show this Wednesday at the Cats Cradle.

Pitchfork writes:
“Chapel Hill, North Carolina’s Trekky Records favors keeping things close to home; after all, the imprint got its start as a forum for the music of friends of founders (and, of course, North Carolinians) Martin Anderson and Will Hackney.

So you’ll be expected to don your tar-iest heels for the label’s annual Christmas party, an all-NC affair that brings Portastatic, Annuals, the Rosebuds, the Moaners, Schooner, Sweater Weather, and more of their fellow Old North State residents than you can shake a candycane at to Carrboro’s Cat’s Cradle December 19. “Christmas at the Cradle”, they’re calling it.

As with last year, the headliners here aren’t a name non-locals will recognize right off. They’re the Trekky Yuletide Orchestra, they only play original and traditional Christmas music, they number at least 20, and they’re comprised of members of the Trekky Records roster. All proceeds from the gig go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.”

More on Doom
December 15, 2007, 3:14 pm
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So it looks like fans have reasons to be angry at the villain.

At the ATL show he was clearly lip-syncing to the effect of this:

It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s sending an impostor but does count for Pitchfork’s bizarre tongue in cheek review:

“Put your fears to rest: by all appearances MF Doom wasn’t lip-synching into a dead receiver”

It seems he clearly was… one fan writes his own review on the Stones Throw Message Board:

“Against my better judgment I went ahead and paid $30 for my ticket to the MF Doom show last night at The MJQ Concourse in Atlanta.

The show was billed as MF Doom featuring the MetalFace Academy emcees.

The MetalFace Academy cats came on around 1am much to the displeasure of the crowd of 400+, many of whom had been there since 8:30pm. I knew better and arrived around midnight. I also knew better than to expect a decent show out of the Academy cats as everything I’ve ever heard from them was a joke. Simply put, they are not very good emcees – but I digress.

Around 1:20 the crowd (knowing that MJQ had to close at 2am) began getting very restless and two fans were forcefully removed for taunting and heckling the poor performance Academy was giving them. Dres tha Beatnik (sensing what was up) began pleading with the crowd to be patient – and finally “Doom” (quotations to be explained later) poked his head out around from backstage. The crowd went nuts understandably… but MF only showed his face and then went backstage again and the concourse was forced to endure another 10 minutes of the Academy emcees bashing the impatience of the crowd with taunts (not SONGS, mind you) full of statements like “if you want DOOM you’ll have to rock with us first” and “you ungrateful motherfuckers don’t deserve DOOM”, etc.

Finally, FINALLY at 1:40am (twenty minutes before closing) Doom took the stage wearing the silver mask and Godzilla-esqe hoodie similar to what he wore at prior shows around the country.

As soon as the FIRST vocals came out of his mic – every TRUE Doom fan (that was sober) realized that he was lip-syncing.


1. The most glaring fact was that Doom NEVER, not once, said ANYTHING to the crowd in-between verses or songs. Mind you that this was his HOME TOWN crowd as Doom now lives in Kennesaw, Ga – 11 miles north of the venue. We never got a “Atlanta, how you feeling?”, “What’s up Atlanta?”, “Give it up for MetalFace Academy”, etc. He NEVER SAID ANYTHING THAT WAS NOT A VERSE THE ENTIRE SET. I am not exaggerating. Everything was “said” by Doom was a verse to a song.

2. Doom (or the person that was impersonating him) walked around stage with the mic firmly attached to his mouth the ENTIRE time – EVEN during long instrumentals or when his cronies/hype men were talking or rhyming. He NEVER let the mic drop from his mask, therefore eliminating any chance of his vocals starting with the mic not near his mouth.

3. There were mic problems in earlier sets, very distorted at times as is the norm at hiphop shows. MJQ has a history of poor sound and at times you couldn’t understand a word that was being said by the opening acts, even when they were talking to the crowd without a beat under them. However, EVERY word of Doom’s vocals were crystal clear, studio quality, even his ADLIBS. As anyone that has EVERY been to a hiphop show of any kind knows – the emcee’s live vocals never sound studio quality and many times the voice is vastly different due to the stress the emcee is using during his show. This was not the case with MF because they were simply playing a cd over the system.

4. Doom “performed” 5/6 songs and finished exactly at 2am – then said nothing to the crowd (how could he when he hadn’t said a word all night), put both hands in the air and walked off stage. As is the norm, the part of the crowd that wasn’t thoroughly disgusted at this point, started yelling for an encore. Dres tha Beatnik (host) was seen walking back and forth to various members of the entourage, apparently trying to figure out if there was going to be an encore. The Academy emcees all seemed to say that there wouldn’t be one and Dres was left to contend with a very disappointed and verbal crowd. He seemed to shrug his shoulders a bit and apologize in a round about way.

5. Suspecting that this was either not MF Doom and/or he was lip-synching – I moved closer to the main stage and positioned myself at an angle as to see him properly. It should be noted that I’m 6’8 so my view of the stage was completely clear. I am absolutely certain that during parts of songs Doom’s mouth was not even moving. And before naysayers try discredit my ability to note this due to MF’s mask – if you have been to a Doom show or seen him in person, you know the mask comes down to a point around the mouth and if you are looking at his profile you can see the jaw, cheek, and neck completely. There were SEVERAL times – most noticeably during “One Beer” that this man’s mouth did not move. The mic was simply firmly placed at his mouth while the cd vocals played.

Fuck Doom. ”

Aight then…

It seems like a big trick on anyone… he even mentioned the impostor gig in elemental magazine 2 years ago (validating the meaning of the mask at the fan’s expense).


Doom in ATL
December 15, 2007, 12:31 am
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Pitchfork posted some live pics of MF Doom at Atlanta’s MJQ Concourse last night. They seemed glad he wasn’t lip syncing (like some of the Rock the Bells rumors suggest) but people still seem to think he’s sending an imposter to shows.

On the Stones Throw Message board one writes:

“Notice anything weird? Go back and check out photos of Doom from a year ago or whatever, look at music videos, hell, check out his acceptance speech for the MTVU woodie award from this year. The dude at the Atlanta show is definitely an imposter. There is no way that’s really MF Doom. The eyes are what really stand out to me. Those are not Doom’s eyes, I don’t care if he lost lots of weight or whatever. In order to go from looking like he did in that MTV woodie award video to looking like the dude in that photo he would have had to undergo extensive plastic surgery.
Am I crazy or does that not look like Doom at all?”

I think its most definitely him… I don’t think the villain would stand up all his colabs like the on stage.  We’ll see I guess.

Sean C and LV Studio
December 14, 2007, 4:33 pm
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Fader has a nice interview in the studio with Sean C & LV. writes:
” Last week we spent a little time in the studio with Sean C & LV, the two dudes behind the bulk of Jay’s American Gangster as well as some of the jammiest jams on the new Ghostface album. They talked about transitioning from DJs to producers and then recreated “Roc Boys (And the Winner is)” for us live in the studio. Also, we all laughed a lot.”

Clipse v. Weezy
December 13, 2007, 11:51 am
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Pusha seems real pissed that Lil’ Wayne dropped that he wore Bapes before the Clipse in his uncut Complex interview.

Weezy says: “But let me break real down to you, we done made it to where you can actually wear a colorful pair of tennis shoes with a check and a star, with an ape on it, a colorful hoodie, you look like a fucking cartoon and you can actually make a song about it and people going to love it. Now who the hell dumbed down fashion like that? Who created a path so you can do that? Who started wearing Bapes? I mean no disrespect to the Clipse, nor Pharrell and them, but I was the hottest to ever have Bapes on…quote that, and I’m the hottest that’ll never put another piece of it on because of the way they did me.”

He goes on to say he thinks “Mr.Me Too” is about him but doesn’t want beef anymore.

Too late I guess. Check the fiery Pusha response on the Re-Up Gang website.

All over fashion… thats class hip hop now.

Still Funny
December 12, 2007, 3:50 pm
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Dope ass beat

8 Diagrams Commercial
December 12, 2007, 3:47 pm
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Its out now… pick it up if you haven’t copped the leak.