Team Get Em L.A. Record Interview
November 21, 2007, 4:39 pm
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Oh No and Roc C are some of Oxnard’s most unstoppable and after years of projects back and forth they are now known as Team Get Em.

Why does Oxnard have such an unstoppable work ethic?
Oh No: Cats out here be hungry—just the hungriness. Just trying to get respect. We’re all doing everything—smoking, driving, on the phone doing interviews! Our work ethic comes from being hungry all the time. And it’s fun—if you have fun at what you do, it’s not even like work.
R: It’s wanting that respect! Whether sports of books or whatever—someone from Oxnard is all of a sudden associated with L.A. When you think West Coast music, you think L.A. and the bay. No one thinks of Oxnard—but we been out here doing it a long time. There’s more cats than people know. I think our crew being recognized on a national and international level gives cats the hope like ‘I can do that, too—why not me?’ Back in the day, you had to be from Hollywood or be from Oakland. That’s why so many cats moved to New York around that era—that’s where everyone was coming out of. But we stayed in Oxnard, no matter what trend or era. We stayed doing us, and we’re still doing us and people respect us.

Read the whole thing here


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niceee interview. la record is deff under appreciated and deff on the serious grind..

Comment by booby trap

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