SlamXHype Interview With Raph from BLANK
November 21, 2007, 4:28 pm
Filed under: Interviews

He talks about the ill photo book “Behind The Beat”:

Music is also a huge part of your life. You put out the book ‘Behind the Beat’ a few years back where you went behind the scenes and photographed the home recording studios of some of the game’s biggest hitters: Dilla, Shadow, Premier, Dan the Automator to name just a few. How did that project come together? What were some of the most memorable things about the whole experience? Did you pick up any patterns in the way each producer approached their craft and organised their creative workspace?

Yeah doing the book was really fun , it was really just an idea that I had one day. I was into photography a bit , but I wasn’t ever really that excited with my photos on 35mm.. A friend of mine showed me his Hasselblad and after shooting off a roll I was sold. the square format of the Hasselblad really appealed to me , and I just started to shoot some of my friends’ studios. I slowly started to make connections with producers around the world, I didn’t really have a goal in mind of how many I wanted to photograph or anything , I just kept shooting till I felt I had done enough to represent a wide variety of home studios. My most memorable point would have to be photographing J Dilla, its crazy how it came about too. Jeff Jank from Stonesthrow had just mentioned to me that Dilla would be down to be in the book but due to Dilla’s health issues he would be hard to coordinate a time with. I thought about it for about 10 minutes then got online a booked a ticket to LA not knowing whether it would happen or not , I figured I had to be there to make it happen .
sure enough as soon as I landed Egon from Stonesthrow called and said Dilla was at home and I could come by whenever. Whilst I shot the photos he made a beat, to my knowledge he didn’t really make beats in front of people much, I was blown away! Meeting and photographing Dilla and all the circumstances around it was a real life changing experience.


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